Mattheis – Kindred Phenomena

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NOUSLP001 I think Mattheis is one of the most underrated producers out there. Almost no one knows him, but after I heard his ingenoius track Ls in an Eulberg set I knew he was big. And now there it is: His fist album „Kindred Phenomena“. Matthijs Verschuure from Rotterdam, Netherlands is the man behind Mattheis and the […]

Guess the correlation

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Trust the statistics! This is for the real nerds! Don’t ever trust statistics that you haven’t falsified yourself. Everybody knows that. And most evidence in stochastics is based on data on which you have to find out the correlation. But if you see the raw data, can you guess the correlation? This little online game with very […]

Patrice Bäumel macht für mich mit ‚Surge‘ die diesjährige Open-Air Hymne klar

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Album : SPEICHER 89 – #KOMPAKTEX89 Label : Kompakt Released : 2016/03/15 Amazon Vinyl     Amazon MP3     Discogs     Beatport Von Kompakt Extra habe ich schon lange nicht mehr (oder nur sporadisch wieder) was gehört im Gegensatz zu den 2000ern. Aber diese Scheibe hier von Patrick Bäumel werde ich wohl lange nicht vergessen. Epische […]

Broiler Room

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Broiler In the eastern parts of Germany (Ex-DDR), a roast chicken is called a „broiler“ and was the luxury Sunday meal. Now I found out that the term is also known in English speaking countries, and after a friend* deliberately misspelled the well known Techno video show Boiler Room as „Broiler Room“ I knew I […]