Guess the correlation

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Trust the statistics! This is for the real nerds! Don’t ever trust statistics that you haven’t falsified yourself. Everybody knows that. And most evidence in stochastics is based on data on which you have to find out the correlation. But if you see the raw data, can you guess the correlation? This little online game with very […]

Super Bowl 2013 Commercials

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  VW   Hyundai   Becks   Doritos   KIA   Toyota   Fiat   Mercedes   And even more: Audi, Fiat, als zu sexy abgelehnt: Carl’s Jr. I don’t know… they are all OK funny but kinda mediocre for SB commercials. (Maybe we’ll see […]

Beyond Sports

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  Jokke Sommer – If I Fuck Up I Die   Freeborder vs Mountainbiker   Night Surfing   The Need 4 Speed: The Art of Flight   Longboard Pintails   And now press some random buttons here: Related posts: DJI INSPIRE 2 is ready to preorder! Can I Haz Burgerz! Guess the correlation Behold! Christmas […]

Really Bad Music

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This is an kinda‘ answer to the Really Good Music Post of last week. =)   Belinda Bedekovic – Tornado   Fritz – Thßringer KlÜße   Gunter – Teeny Weeny String Bikini   David Hasselhoff – Hooked On A Feeling   Leoncie – Love In A Pub   Reh Dogg – Why Must I Cry […]


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The time difference between when  Stegosaurus  and Tyrannosaurus  lived is greater than the time difference between Tyrannosaurus and now. If you properly shuffle a deck of cards, in all likelihood, the resulting deck has never been seen before in the history of the world. The bushes in Super Mario Bros. were just recolored clouds. There […]