Archery Girl

The ultimate archer

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The ultimate archer Hollywood is wrong Look at the picture above and you will find it quite „usual“ for an archery picture. But actually it seems to be very wrong, because she is shooting „on the wrong side“ for the time the film should display Lars Andersen Lars Anderson┬áis a Danish painter and archer. He […]

Guess the correlation

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Trust the statistics! This is for the real nerds!┬áDon’t ever trust statistics that you haven’t falsified yourself. Everybody knows that. And most evidence in┬ástochastics is based on data on which you have to find out the correlation. But if you see the raw data, can you guess the correlation? This little online game with very […]

Sound Ambience

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Enhance your creativity Some people claim that a low level of unstructured noise (like in a coffeeshop or in the woods) is better for concentrating then total silence. I think I can agree with that. So here are some sources for these kinds of ambience sounds: Websites Coffitivity Noisli Rainycafe Rainymood White Noise Celestial White […]

SEO Affiliate Blog Projekt – Part 1 – Mitarbeiter ├╝ber oDesk anstellen

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  In den letzten Jahren habe ich viel Erfahrung im Online Marketing gewinnen k├Ânnen. Insbesondere Affiliate Marketing (man leitet Kunden auf andere Websites und wenn diese dann da etwas kaufen bekommt man eine Provision) und Google Adsense als Einnahmequellen sind etwas, was ich gerne ein wenig „ernster“ ausprobieren m├Âchte. Der grobe Fahrplan schaut folgenderma├čen aus: […]