Broiler Room



In the eastern parts of Germany (Ex-DDR), a roast chicken is called a „broiler“ and was the luxury Sunday meal. Now I found out that the term is also known in English speaking countries, and after a friend* deliberately misspelled the well known Techno video show Boiler Room as „Broiler Room“ I knew I had to make a logo with that =)

*) Check out his Living Room 😉


From Boiler Room to Broiler Room

So here is the original Boiler Room logo:



The first tries already looked good, but I wanted to get closer to the original Logo:

Broiler Room

Broiler Room 2.2

So here is the final Broiler Room Logo

Broiler Room 3.1

The only software I used was the free Inkscape (with a new dark skin)

Broiler Room Making Of


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