TotD I: Erkka – Talk To The Hand [Track of the Day]

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TotD I: Erkka – Talk To The Hand

This Ajunadeep release just fits so good in my mood of the day: Quit the shit, ready for new adventures.

Erkka – Talk To The Hand | Museme EP
Label | Anjunadeep
Catalog | ANJDEE232D

(Listened on an Sony MDR-ZX770BN)

Mattheis – Kindred Phenomena

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I think Mattheis is one of the most underrated producers out there. Almost no one knows him, but after I heard his ingenoius track Ls in an Eulberg set I knew he was big. And now there it is: His fist album „Kindred Phenomena“.

Matthijs Verschuure from Rotterdam, Netherlands is the man behind Mattheis and the Label Nous’klaer Audio. I’m really looking forward for him to get a bigger audience. Have a listen and you will know why. Great Stuff!


DJI INSPIRE 2 is ready to preorder!

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DJI strikes again

DJI, maybe THE dronemaker made a huge announce today. They already took a big leap with the ultra-portable Mavic, which took fan hearts in a second, and this was not long ago. But today, they announced not one, but two big steps in their done history.



Steady evolution is what stands behind the Phantom series. It comes with a 1-inch 20-megapixel CMOS sensor and an updated obstacle sensing which will keep this gadget alive even if you are not the pilot it takes 😉 Allover improvements, check the specs here.

DJI Phantom Pro 4 XPT


Aaaand there it is, the new supermodel of drone filming for professionals: The Inspire 2. This carbon beast is made for performance: A speed up to 67 mph (108 kph or 30 m/s in non-retard) with the top-of the notch obstacle detection, new multi-sensor based steady-modes… hell, it will even find an alternative way home when you call it! Check it out:

DJI Inspire 2 Top Speed XPT


Guess the correlation

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Trust the statistics!

This is for the real nerds! Don’t ever trust statistics that you haven’t falsified yourself. Everybody knows that. And most evidence in stochastics is based on data on which you have to find out the correlation. But if you see the raw data, can you guess the correlation?
This little online game with very lovely retro graphics and retro sound is much more fun then you would expect! Give it a try:



So I ordered a 90 Euro China-Tablet!

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Digital Dad

OK, there we go: My Dad just digitalised d his CD-Collection! (OK OK, CDs are digital, but the CD itself is still quite „material“ and therefore “analoge”…) I was fucking impressed. And not only that: He planned to sort out the CD racks behind his beautiful Accuphase amplifier and put the iPad there instead. All without asking me, or having any trouble at all… I mean, my dad is almost 70 years old! And usually, he asks for weird obvious shit when it comes to computers. Big up dad! That was a cool move!

And how Apple f*c³d! him

The only problem he had was that iTunes didn’t let him copy the music to his iPad. I was quite sure it was a common mistake he made. But actually it is like: Apple doesn’t allow you to copy your media to more than one device. Let that settle. Seriously: You have to pay if you want to listen to your media on both your iPad and iPod. WTF?

So we decided to get a cheap Android tablet and to test if the setup works like that. And, not knowing if this will be the final configuration, I decided to buy a budget tablet from China to test this idea, and so I ordered the Teclast X10 Tablet for 90 Euros from Gearbest. Pretty amazing you can get a decent looking 10” tablet for less then 100 bucks. But I don’t know what kind of quality we’ll get here…

I’ll have a nice test when it arrives. =)


Some specs of the Teclast X10 3G here:

CPU: Octa Core 1.44Ghz 64-bit


Storage: 16GB eMMC

Display: 10.1 inch IPS HD Display

Camera: 2 Megapixel / 0.3 Megapixel

OS: Android v5.1 Lollipop



About 2 weeks to go… I’m looking forward.

Patrice Bäumel macht für mich mit ‚Surge‘ die diesjährige Open-Air Hymne klar

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Label : Kompakt
Released : 2016/03/15

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Von Kompakt Extra habe ich schon lange nicht mehr (oder nur sporadisch wieder) was gehört im Gegensatz zu den 2000ern. Aber diese Scheibe hier von Patrick Bäumel werde ich wohl lange nicht vergessen. Epische Synthy-Bass-Flächen fein getimed in Drums erschaffen eine volle Atomsphäre während der sich der Track aufbaut, und zum Schluss gibt’s auch noch mal mit Hi-Hat Gewitter ordentlich eins auf die Fresse. Ganz schön Opulent und ganz schön geil.



Broiler Room

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In the eastern parts of Germany (Ex-DDR), a roast chicken is called a „broiler“ and was the luxury Sunday meal. Now I found out that the term is also known in English speaking countries, and after a friend* deliberately misspelled the well known Techno video show Boiler Room as „Broiler Room“ I knew I had to make a logo with that =)

*) Check out his Living Room 😉

From Boiler Room to Broiler Room

So here is the original Boiler Room logo:


The first tries already looked good, but I wanted to get closer to the original Logo:

Broiler Room

Broiler Room 2.2

So here is the final Broiler Room Logo

Broiler Room 3.1

The only software I used was the free Inkscape (with a new dark skin)

Broiler Room Making Of