FixieLove // LoveFixie

Drei Fixie Bikes


💜For all the Fixie-Lovers in the world 💜




Riding a Fixie is not for Fixie-Lovers only. Look at this little Octopus, who just had the first ride of his life… he went up to the famous „Königsstuhl“ and is enjoying the beautiful view on Heidelberg.


Little Octopus is enjoying a Fixie-Ride in sunshine – Octopussys just know how to enjoy life!

Oh look… Fixie-Bike found a new friend ***a new lover. These Fixies seem to be sooo in love 💜💜💜

2 Fixies in love 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Sooo- what is this post all about? Guess, it’s just about delicious Fixie life style. It’s a rough introduction, about how magic life can be with a Fixie … how much magic everyone’s life should be, right? 💜☀️💜🌺💜🍹💜


Ouuh-*this looks really arty 💋 Three bikes contesting, which one is most beautiful. Don’t worry – all of you are magnificent 💙💜💚. Or what do you think?

KNIFE butterfly//THRONE TRKLD// Bianchi (No fixed-still beautiful enough to hang around with Fixies, ok!)

2Fixies and 1 No-Fixie

Mmhhh…for me this seems like the perfect spot for getting a marriage proposal* What would you need more than a castle, a winter’s day and two Fixies for that?

2 Fixies in love!

Cheesy? Nooo – just life it is! You might also call it: Daily routine in a FixieLoveLife!

I think you are already happy now… that’s the magic thing about it!Just looking at a Fixie makes you happy -*because it’s THE proof, that life can be magic!

💜CHEERS to you, dear Fixie 💜


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