Snake Jazz

Snake Jazz Girls sexy dance


Snake Jazz

Although it comes along as a Joke, the 1-hour mix of „Snake Jazz“ – that’s basically snake sounds in a minimalistic pattern – is something I’m hearing while writing these lines.

It was first featured in Rick and Morty Episode „Rattlestar Ricklactica“ (S04E05) – which is one of the best Rick and Morty Episodes ever (9.0 on IMDB)!
Lucky there’s the interwebs and someone made a 1-hour mix: xD


Making of „Snake Jazz“

Composed by Ryan Elder, who says: „So snake jazz is jazzy – I wouldn’t call it jazz“

But the creators of Rick and Morty see more in it.
Dan Harmon:


you’re hearing is a snake who is so used to that snake life which is so gritty and is just like ‚hey man, what if that forked tongue was fur …was for chillin: tzzzztsss tzzststzsss! Snake jazz IS the best jazz in the galaxy!“

Jacob Hear:

„Words can’t really describe how I felt when I first heard snake jazz it was lightning in a bottle.

Justin Roland:

„Elder… Elder pulled it off. He did the impossible!“


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