Fun Facts

These are a couple fun and interesting facts you might not know and probably useless to know that will surprise you.


  • Michael Wendler „The Wendler“ is actually called Skowronek.
  • Alcohol is not a solution, alcohol is a distillate.
  • Turtles partially breathe through their anus.
  • The scientific name of the Western Gorilla is Gorilla gorilla.
  • Fear of long words is spelled „hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.“
  • China has censored the word „censorship“.
  • Lobsters communicate by urinating on each other.
  • The USA has a disaster plan for the zombie apocalypse.
  • British MI6 hackers replaced bomb-making plans on Al-Qaeda servers with cupcake recipes.
  • A “single spaghetti” is called “spaghetto”.
  • Herrings communicate by farting at each other.
  • Twins are genetically not cousins, but siblings.
  • Elephant babies suck on their trunks.
  • Neil Armstrong had to go through customs when he came back from the moon.
  • If you think you are happy, you become happier.
  • The plural of “octopus” is octopuses, octopods, octopi, or octopoda
  • Ōkunoshima is an island full of extremely cuddly rabbits, known for its former weapons of former mass weapons production.


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