How to get YouTube Premium for 2€ / Month

How to get YouTube Premium for a cheapPrice


It’s easy: Move to India!!
(Awesome YouTube Premium Hack)

The cheap Indian YouTube Premium Subscription

When you live in India, you can use your Google Account with your Bangalore Zip code to get YouTube Premium for as low as ₹129, which is about 1,50€. When you move back to the US, Germany or whatever, you can keep the account.


Now to a complete different topic:

Use a VPN to appear to be in any country you like

With a VPN like NordVPN (<= This affiliate link gives you a nice discount), you can appear to be in another country, f.e. India.


It works like this:

  1. Install NordVPN
  2. Click on India
  3. BOOM! You’re in India! (Virtually)

How to connect with India in NordVPN for the cheap price
Moving to India in seconds.

Of course, this should work with any VPN that has servers in your desired countries. I tried some of them and I liked NordVPN – so I stuck with them for the last 4 years.


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