The Ultra-Fast M1 MacBook Air

Symbolic element with a hairdryer blowing hair into the face as a symbol of the Apple M1 CPU performance


Yeah, I got the Hype around the MacBook Air with the M1 Processor. And I know that the M1 is an astounding CPU.

If one wants to truly pwn, one must pwn in all games

I use Apple Computers from time to time – I like to switch operating systems to really know what is going on, as I’m working as a freelance IT-Consultant. Linux is actually quite some time ago that I used it, Apple was around 3 years – I bought a MacBook Pro in Phnom Penh with Money I made with Bitcoin after my Surface Pro drowned in a flooding in Cambodia. (I’m not making this shit up!)


OSX / Apple vs. Windows / Huawei

Buuuuut, in this third time in my life that I switched to OSX (or previous Apple OS) I just had to say: I didn’t like it. And I’ve REALLY tried (like in „using for months“ and „adding paid plugins to get it going for me, but this made it unstable so that’s not the way“ – tried, you know?). Some things are really a kind of dealbreaker: The Window-Management sucks (especially on huge, curved screens like the one I go in my home office) and the shortcuts… Oh my, as a Pro, I have to say, that the shortcuts are just unusable IMHO. I hate them. Why, Apple, WHY? This is bugging me so much, I wrote a whole rant article about that here (de). Read it and feel my pain. =)

So I switched back to Windows (I really like Windows 10 and Windows 11) and around the astonishing Matebook X Pro I designed a portable ergonomic workspace. And so far, I’m really happy with my choice of hardware.


The „Digital Nomad Hardware“ Setup

The M1 Effect

So now my wife got a new MacBook Air. „Gold“ color, of course – what has much more pink in it than you would expect from the name. And after it arrived, I took a closer look. The build quality of the MacBook Air is awesome – as always with Apple hardware. And they got the details right, things like speaker and mic. I don’t like the poor choice of I/O (no fallback USB-A, so it’s dongle-time) and the frame around the screen is still quite big (I’m a Matebook X Pro user – remember?)

Shootout – Draw!

So I lined up the old MacBook Air, the new one and my MateBook X and ran two benchmarks: GeekBench 5 and Basemark Web. And the results were crushing:

Do you see that Multicore Score in the middle?!
Basemark also puts my Matebook X Pro on the right to shame


I mean, that’s the smallest MacBook configuration you can buy at the moment. And it’s so cheap.

And there’s the Pro, with some I/O, small bezels, and the even stronger M1 Pro. Shall I get one? But OSX… and Rosetta… But on the other side…



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